Monday, February 2, 2009

Make a large quilt in sections

Rather than struggling to squeeze your queen-size or larger quilt through the small throat space of your machine as you quilt it, make your quilt in smaller sections instead! Then join them together at the end to make the full-sized quilt.

Here's how:

1. Let's say the quilt will be made in 2 sections, a top half (T) and a bottom half (B). So first, create T, including the borders (3 sides only, of course!)

2. Put a basting line of stitches (in a contrasting color) 3/8” from the bottom (raw end) of T.

3. Cut the batting and backing fabric to size (about 4" bigger all around).

4. Quilt as usual, but do not go beyond the basting line.

5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for section B.

6. Trim extra batting and backing as usual, except on the sides to be joined.

7. Put T and B right sides together, matching the raw ends.

8. Fold back the batting and backing fabric from both T and B.

9. Pin the raw edges of T and B together.

10. Sew with a 1/4" seam, being careful not to catch any batting or backing.

11. While still right-to-right, unfold one side of the batting (NOT THE BACKING FABRIC) and, using a small scissors, trim it even with the seam line.

12. Flip the whole thing over (so the other raw edge - batt - backing side is on top.

13. Unfold the batting AND THE BACKING FABRIC and trim BOTH even with the seam line. Be careful not to cut through the quilt top!

14. Open the quilt (back side up).

15. Remove the basting thread.

16. Press the seam to the side where both the batt and backing were trimmed off.

17. Unfold the remaining loose piece of backing fabric, carefully trim to 2” or 3”, fold under the raw edge an inch or two, press, pin in place, and slip stitch to finish.

If you want to split your quilt into more than 2 sections, just expand the steps above.

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